The Mass Data & AI Acceleration smart modular system for IoT & 5G


X-BRAiN has been designed as a modular platform, based on a top-down approach, meaning the Data is the heart of it, together with our Machine Learning Engine and AI.

The agility of the platform has been designed by nature through deployment of mesh services. All these services are also embedded in cloud based containers, that may be transposed to on-premises infrastructures.

As security is premium for X-BRAiN, we manage it on all layers and services. Devices may be easily declared and managed in our inventory.
Users get secure access through our Identity Access Management services on our embedded portal.


X-BRAiN: Mass Data & AI Accelerator for IoT & 5G

X-BRAiN Technology


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X-BRAiN: Mass Data & AI Accelerator for IoT & 5G

By leveraging world-leading AI, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and massive data technologies, X-BRAiN materialises the leap-over from a single point of intelligence to N-agent intelligence.

It closely integrates with vertical segments and aims to address core pain points in various industries, improve the intelligent level of industry data, empower social and industry players, and create a super intelligent agent which is capable of multi-dimensional perception, global insight, real-time decision-making, and continuous evolution among other cognitive abilities of brains.

X-BRAiN can be easily adopted by urban governance, industrial manufacturing, smart agriculture, logistics, tourist environments, energy & water, and other fields to cover a dozen of vertical segments.

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X-CSP: IoT & 5G Connectivity Platform as a Service

Worldwide M2M connectivity

X-CSP is a unique IoT connectivity Platform as a service which has been integrated with an increasing number of European 2G, 3G, and 4G networks’ operators including NB-IOT, LoRa, and soon will integrate 5G networks as well. We manage SIM Cards and devices independently whether sourced by us or not.

Private 4G/5G network for your IoT needs

We, as X-CITE, are ready to use our X-CSP, our X-BRAiN, our wireless solution, and cloud experience to help you build a private 4.9G/LTE or 5G network powering a successful digital transformation. Our Industrial-grade Private Wireless solution will help you use digital technologies to increase automation, ensure safety and security, and achieve new levels of quality, efficiency, and productivity.

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Hardware development – We are your end to end partner in IoT

Own Hardware Set

At X-CITE, we developed end to end IoT sensors, actuators, and edge computers integrated with our X-CSP Connectivity and our X-BRAiN AI platform according to customer needs covering:

  • Modular 4G and LPWAN Board
  • Highly integrated GNSS Tracking Hardware
  • 5G Industry 4.0 and Retrofitting Board

Customised solutions

If you are running a specific project, our team of engineers available at X-CITE will be happy to develop a dedicated hardware solution based on our set of devices and our X-BRAIN toolkit.

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What we are capable of



  • Deployment of URLLC private 5G network to ensure safety and reliability of operations
  • Providing LPWAN connectivity via NB1/NB2/M1 to meet power constraints
  • Advanced secure Wifi
  • Data acquisition using multidimensional geospatial bluetooth mesh networks that capture conditional data


  • Integration of IoT principles
  • Using smart IoT devices to control all assets and create precise insights
  • Providing digital twin models to predict growth rates, needs, usages etc.
  • Providing environmental sensors to monitor humidity, temperature etc.
  • Asset Trackers incl 5G retrofit
  • Providing edge devices


  • Providing Location Intelligence by using Location Management Function, e.g. to backup GNSS
  • Tracking assets
  • Providing location specific advices for workers


  • Storing a digital twin in a blockchain model
  • Backup events & data by applying blockchain cases


  • Extended cloud based analytics
  • Applying advanced analytics on digital twins incl. IoT principle backed data collection
  • Enhancing Battery-lifetime by applying eDRX incl. monitoring network parameters
  • Monitoring Events to diagnose connectivity related parameters


  • Local video based analysis including preprocessing
  • Local micro analysis by local environment monitoring devices
  • Edge integration in local enterprise network


  • Providing 3D graphical user Interface to deliver hands-free work experience for a truly connected workforce
  • Displaying location based infos and information
  • Task recognition within processes
  • Guiding the connected workforce through set up stages